Brick by Brick – Lego Social Group

Sometimes the social world can be a tricky place to navigate. If your child is in grades prep – two, Brick by Brick aims to equip them with the tools to build lasting friendships

Using Lego in a structured and guided environment is a great way to learn how to collaborate and use the same toy in different ways. Adapting to other people’s preferences and accepting new ideas are the cornerstones of working together harmoniously. Our learning doesn’t stop with Lego – Brick by Brick incorporates a variety of fun games and activities so that we can practice applying our flexible thinking in lots of situations

This six-hour intensive program runs in the first week of the September school holidays.

When: Tuesday 25th Wednesday 26th Thursday 27th 1.30-3.30pm

Where:16/1140 Nepean Highway Mornington 3931

Age: school age

Cost: $420 (6 hours of intervention)