Social Thinking Groups

Social thinking groups are based on the work of  Michelle Garcia Winner.

Social thinking is what we do when we interact with people – we think about them. How we think about people affects how we behave, how others respond to us, and our own emotions.

Our social skills sessions develop children’s skills to think about others and how to modify their behaviours in response. Sessions develop theory of mind, perspective, self-awareness and others, body language, the way we talk, conversation skills and assertiveness. Group sessions are run for Preschoolers through to Secondary Students in the clinic. Classroom sessions are also run in schools and kindergartens

Groups run during Term time.

Preschool groups in Mornington on Tuesdays (during the day)
Upper Primary in Mornington on Tuesdays (after school)
Lower Primary in Mornington on Wednesdays (after school)
Secondary School in Mornington on Thursday (after school)
Prep in Mornington on Fridays
Girls-only groups run after school on Monday  and Thursday depending on age.